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Why a home section?

Because during the years and after having accomplished many works all around the world we understood that “home” is a world apart and that its lighting represents the most ambitious and difficult project to be realized. In Italy,­­ America, Japan and Russia, even though the” dwelling” concept may differ, the homeowner’s needs are always the same: enjoying a pleasant, comfortable and emotional space.
Home is a case of souls and feelings, its design requires tact, competence and attention to the totality of the features affecting the perception of the spaces. Light actively contributes in terms of comfort, well-being and improvement of the quality of life.



Until a short time ago to light a home, to the great majority of people, simply meant to appeal to accessory elements such as table lamps, ceiling lights, chandeliers assembled at the core of the room, or, to the most audacious, under power tracks equipped with spot lights. These devices very easily tended to focus the attention on themselves and to generate unaesthetic and annoying shadows that would ruin the space perception to the people standing within.











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This occurred in the past. In time, the lighting design field completely changed following a revolution involving devices, methodologies and points of view. Light is not a trivial technical element but crucially contributes to our home comfort, it is a completing part of architecture and as such it must be regarded, as an essential aspect of any design process.


An effective and well thought lighting immediately makes spaces more functioning , suitable to the several activities occurring within them, as well as more spacious, welcoming and pleasant to the sight and senses. A well designed light can even uncover the beauty and the usefulness of an area of the house normally ignored. At the same time it can improve your own appearance and the one of your guests, by attenuating the shadows produced by artistic objects and chandeliers, faces assume a different skin tone, appearing younger and in shape.


The success of a lighting design project corresponds to the absence of any form of dazzling and invasiveness of the installed devices. Just like music in the movies that provides a stronger effect when not consciously perceived by the spectator, a well-designed light is more effective when less invasive. A lighting designer uses discreet devices and light sources perfectly integrated within the architecture through a procedure that follows precise criteria.




Our first concern is to ensure an opportune general lighting (or ambient light) using wall lamps or indirect light solutions; then we arrange for the right stressed light through the installation, where possible, of swiveling, recessed devices intended to highlight interesting aspects of the architecture or furniture; finally we manage to provide an operational lighting suitable for the correct execution of the activities involved in that specific area.


The main purpose is absolute comfort, physical and psychological well-being of the man who stands at the core of any lighting design project.

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