March 2016
È nata Cannatafactory
  È nata Cannatafactory, un gruppo di lighting designer specializzati nella progettazione della luce per il ristorante.   Cannatafactory è un nuovo progetto, una nuova sfida che punta a continuare nella progettazione della[...]
October 2015
The Civitas Award gives the Light to the Temple of Serapis
It was held yesterday, 30th September 2015, at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, the presentation of the prestigious Premio Civitas. This year, for its 19th edition, it gives the city of Pozzuoli the lighting of the Temple of Serapis entrusting the project[...]
July 2015
Archaeology and Light at the University of Naples Federico II
Illuminate the archaeological sites, enhancing by means of light the wonders of the ancient cities. On Friday, 12thJune 2015, at Palazzo Gravina in Monteoliveto street, Filippo Cannata expressed to the students of the University of Naples his point of[...]
November 2014
Led it Be. Urban Promo 2014
As part of the Urban Promo 2014, the national event of reference for the city marketing and urban regeneration, will be held today, 12th November at 16:30, the conference "Led it Be: more efficient, more ecological, more economical. The led revolution in[...]
September 2014
“Beyond Ruins” - The light that tells
“Beyond Ruins” is the name of the Summer School involving for ten days (from August 28 to September 6) the students of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Naples Federico II in a restoration project of the historic center of Sant'Angelo[...]
September 2014
Launch of the International Competition Ombre d’Artista
Filippo Cannata is called to participate as a jury member in the event of public art "Ombre d'Artista" promoted by the cultural association effetti.collaterali with the City of Salerno through a call for competition of ideas. The primary objective is to[...]
April 2014
The Villa Méditerranée - In Marseille the sea is bathed in light.
A mass suspended in the void, the eternal dream of modernism designed by Stefano Boeri.   A flexible structure to accommodate and encourage a range of activities to be defined: forum for representatives of the Assembly, exhibition space, convention[...]
December 2013
La Modern Villa on Sky in
The lighting project of La Modern Villa will have the honor to be presented on the satellite channel Sky in "Le Case di Lorenzo," the program of architecture and design that shows to fans and "experts" the most beautiful houses in Italy.   Lorenzo[...]
November 2013
The Light at the Arkeda at the Mostra d’Oltremare
ARKEDA The Exhibition/Conference on Architecture, Construction, Design and Decor, an initiative by Progecta, debuts in Naples from 29 November to 01 December, in the suggestive architectural backdrop of the Mostra d’Oltremare.   Founded with the[...]
November 2013
Filippo Cannata among the
It will be held today, Thursday, 21 November 2013 at 17:00, the presentation of the book "100 Italian Designers - Contemporary Talents" published by Dell'Anna Publishers, edited by Giancarlo Priori. The exceptional location of the event is the Hall of[...]
September 2013
“Castles and Villas in Music 2013”. An experiment of light in Baroque music
As part of the festival "Castles and Villas in Music" event aimed at revitalizing the musical and architectural heritage of the Veneto region, Filippo Cannata and Lorenzo Zen present on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September 2013, at Villa Sesso Schiavo in[...]
August 2013
Filippo Cannata to the new edition of Villa Pennisi in Music
Even this year Filippo Cannata will take part in the Summer School "Villa Pennisi in Music" event that addresses all aspects related to the training of live performing professionals.   The event, to be held in Acireale from 1 to 12 August 2013, in[...]
July 2013
ItalianWayofLight and the light of the Mediterranean in Selinunte
Filippo Cannata will be in Selinunte for the Summer School 2013_Architettura 2.0, an event chaired by the Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism (AIAC) to be held from September 29 to October 6, at the Archeological Park in Marinella di[...]
February 2013
Light Sensitive Space
On Thursday, 28th of February 2013, Filippo Cannata will intervene as a lecturer at the conference "Light Sensitive Urban Space" at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya. His participation will be sponsored by Artemis. . For more information please[...]
February 2013
Good Emotion - Meeting and Press Conference
On 21st of February 2013 Filippo Cannata will participate as a lecturer at the press conference for HSDESIGN 2013 presentation.The event is a unique opportunity of debate with architects and designers on the themes of architecture, sustainability,[...]
January 2013
Light Innovative Design - Build 2013
The Department of Urban Design and Planning (DPUU) of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Naples Federico II created the course " Light Innovative Design in buildings and urban spaces" (Building and Urban Innovative Lighting Design[...]
July 2012
In the last days of July, from 23rd to 31st, Villa Pennisi in Acireale (Sicily) becomes the exceptional location of a temporary wooden building, built to hold outdoor music performances. This, in summary, the program of the workshop in design[...]
June 2012
Workshop PIDA 2012
The PIDA Association in collaboration with the Ischia Global Film Festival, the Order of Architects of Naples, the Foundation Luchino Visconti, the Municipality of Forio d’Ischia, the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Naples[...]
May 2012
Christmas in Modica - closing ceremony of the project
It was held on 12th of May 2012, in the council chamber of Palazzo San Domenico in Modica, the ceremony of delivery of the certificates for the project "Nel solco della tradizione", which has become the city's heritage.   A morning in[...]
February 2012
Innovative Design of Light - Build
The Department of Urban Design and Planning (DPUU) of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Naples Federico II gave birth to the course in "Innovative Design of light in buildings and urban spaces" (Building and Urban Design Innovative[...]
January 2012
Ristori Theatre Inauguration – Verona
On Saturday, the 14th of January 2012, after 30 years of inactivity, the Teatro Ristori in Verona has finally opened its doors to the public. The return to the public of the Verona culture cutting edge, entitled in honour of the actress who starred in[...]
December 2011
Light successions at the Palace of Arts in Naples (PAN) – The event
It took place yesterday at 18.00 p.m., at the Palace of Art in Naples (PAN), the long awaited launch of the book "Contemporary Homes", edited by the journalist of interiors Sonia Cocozza with photography of Gianni Franchellucci. Twenty-two[...]
December 2011
A song of light -  Christmas lights in Modica
It has started, between lights and chimes, the light singing in Modica. It took place on Saturday, December 10, at 19.30, the long-awaited lighting of the Christmas lights, designed and produced for the occasion by the children from the schools of[...]
December 2011
Seven floors for 2500 places obtained in an ancient cave dug into the tuff. Glass elevators zip up to the highest point and overlook the scenery of the "square" left as it was a thousand years ago, before the access to the underground tunnel built[...]
December 2011
Light successions at the Palace of Arts in Naples (PAN)
Monday, 12th December 2011 at 18:00 p.m., at the Palace of Arts in Naples (PAN), will take place the presentation of the book "Contemporary Houses - Twenty-two projects of author" by Sonia Cocozza. The author, journalist of interiors, and also author of[...]
November 2011
The initiative in the former factory of Cirio Vigliena – Set laboratory for San Carlo theater
Like a rose in the desert of the eastern outskirts of Naples, the Cirio Vigliena former-factory, abandoned for twenty years, flourishes and opens today, preview at 18pm, open to the public throughout the day tomorrow, under the Bourbon coat of arms of [...]
November 2011
Filippo Cannata in the teaching staff of the Master in Lighting Design
Filippo Cannata is in the teaching staff of the Master in Lighting Design Level I organized for the academic year 2011/2012 by the Academy of Light in cooperation with M.I.U.R., A.F.A.M. e the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata.   The Master, which aims[...]
November 2011
Filippo Cannata in the newspaper
    In the newspaper "la Repubblica" of Thursday, November 3, 2011, in the insert RCasa&Design reserved to architecture and design, this month dedicated to the increasingly sophisticated artificial light that defends us[...]
November 2011
Filippo Cannata co-rapporteur at the University of Naples
As seal of a long and ongoing collaboration with the University of Naples "Federico II" Filippo Cannata participates as co-rapporteur to the presentation of a thesis on the upgrading and lighting of Mercato Square.   The job has the purpose to set up[...]
October 2011
Filippo Cannata at the Round Table
Filippo Cannata recently took part in the Round Table "The Light and the Architect" made in Milan with the coordination of the editorial office of the magazine Luce e Design published by Tecniche Nuove Publishing House. At the table of comparison seated[...]
September 2011
Within the exhibition "Architecture of Light", the students’ association of the Faculty of Architecture in Parma "SEGNIdSEGNI", in collaboration with Parma Urban Center, proposed on Thursday 8th September 2011 a three voices-conference to[...]
September 2011
Filippo Cannata and the Christmas in Modica
The bold and innovative spirit of a municipality joins the creativity of Filippo Cannata in an unique project that recalls the Toyland of Collodian memory.   In Modica, this Christmas school children are going to invent and design the[...]
June 2011
Modica Miete Culture
  As part of the event "Modica Miete Culture Pensieri, Opere e Contaminazioni sul far dell’estate” time of celebration for the city that in June associates the wheat harvest with the celebration of culture in all its forms, Filippo Cannata with[...]
June 2011
Light and shadow to Filippo Cannata
In addition to being lighting designer, Filippo Cannata is a great philosopher of light. In his wonderful memorial, "Light, shadow, half-light and darkness", he expresses his own ideas on the role that light must have in a space used by a man. To Cannata,[...]
June 2011
Living 24
During the event "Contamination, Festival of Poetry and Border Cultures", some architects and lighting designers redraw with the art of the light the profile of the magnificent Church of St. George. New urban landscapes for volumes and shapes of the[...]
June 2011
In Modica we talk about light
Modica (Ragusa). At the event "Contamination, Festivals of poetry, philosophy and border cultures" that from 16 to 19 June celebrates the arrival of summer in the city that is UNESCO World Heritage Site it talks about the relationship between light and[...]
June 2011
Baroque lights
As part of the event "Contaminazioni, Festival di Poesia e Culture di Confine" architects and lighting designers redesign with the art of light the sumptuous profile of St. George Church. New urban scenarios for volumes and shapes in the extraordinary[...]
June 2011
Filippo Cannata light the final of Miss Universe 2011
Filippo Cannata lights the enchanting scenery that welcomes the award of the most beautiful women in the world ( Vibrant light scenes will carve the willowy silhouettes of the fifty candidates amplifying the dreamy atmosphere of[...]
June 2011
Ischia International Prize for Architecture 2011
Launch of the fourth edition of the Ischia International Prize for Architecture 2011, festival born out of collaboration between the Association PIDA, the Order of Architects of Naples, ANAB, the magazine Compasses and Federalberghi with the aim of[...]
September 2010
Magazine publishing
The lighting project of a small house built at the beginning of 1900, situated near Villa Borghese in one of the most elegant residential areas of Rome, gains a publication on Dentro Casa, the Italian magazine consecrated to the variegated world of the[...]
July 2010
Napoli - old town redevelopment conference
In the context of the retraining program of the Historical Center of Naples UNESCO World Heritage aimed at a significant improvement of the environmental quality and inhabitants’ life, at the initiative of the Departments of Construction, Urban[...]
June 2010
Avellino Meeting
It took place on 22 June 2010 at the Hotel de la Ville in Avellino, a conference on the theme of the Building Information Modeling (BIM). Andrea Faeti, Application Engineer of Techdata Company, national distributor of Autodesk products, presented Revit[...]
June 2010
Seminario Università Federico II
Friday, 11 June 2010, from 11:00 to 13:00 am, at the University of Naples Federico II, Pole of Science and Technology - Department of Urban Design and Planning, room S 3.2, Filippo Cannata will give a lesson on the theme "The lighting of outdoor[...]
May 2010
Party in Vico 2010: The bright idea
Marina di Equa suddenly appears at the end of a winding road. A rapid descent from the cliffs that embroider the location of the Sorrento coast down to the rocky beaches and small ports that animate the gorges of this wonderful land. This is a common[...]
May 2010
ISAD - Illuminazione parchi e giardini
Istituto Superiore di Architettura e Design: Filippo Cannata - seminario su "Illuminazione di Parchi e[...]
April 2010
Seminario Catanzaro
With the sponsorship and assistance of the Province of Catanzaro - Department of Public Instruction, in collaboration with the Institutes of Higher Education for Surveyors "Giovanni Malafarina" and "Raffaele Petrucci," it took place on 27/04/2010 in[...]
January 2010
Campione d'Italia Casinò
The intervention, realized for Christmas 2007, was an opportunity to create a light installation able to make more harmonious the link between the special functions of the building and the city dressed of lights and decorations. The architectural complex[...]
December 2009
Liz Gallery Commercial Center
Fifty-two shops arranged in an area of 20,000 sqm. Cafés and dining points perfectly distributed, two thousand parking places. These are the numbers that characterize the new Liz Gallery Shopping Mall, the shopping centre that opened last December in[...]
December 2009
The Righello
Milan: “Il Righello” opens again with a new appearance and exceptional protagonists. The Milanese headquarters, which has always stood out for its particular proposals of lights and furnishings, reaffirms its internationality with exclusive[...]
November 2009
Rome - National Gallery of Modern Art
After thirty-eight years, the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art presents once again the first exhibition of Gianfranco Notargiacomo, introduced in Rome at the Gallery “La Tartaruga” of Plinio De Martiis in 1971. Reviewed at the time by[...]