“Castles and Villas in Music 2013”. An experiment of light in Baroque music
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As part of the festival "Castles and Villas in Music" event aimed at revitalizing the musical and architectural heritage of the Veneto region, Filippo Cannata and Lorenzo Zen present on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September 2013, at Villa Sesso Schiavo in Sandrigo (Vicenza), the audio-visual installation " Baroque Frequencies ". In conjunction with the exhibition of Annalisa Filippi, the master of light together with the leading Italian expert in "philosophy of listening" are going to offer sensations and emotions that go beyond the "trivial" enjoyment of songs and melodies.


The “ability to listen" represents the foundation of the poetry of two professionals. As in the reproduction of music is to be found primarily silence, so light must be sought in the dynamics of light and shadows, that promotes a more intense reflection and a more intimate recollection facilitating the intuition of poetry that lies behind an idea of light, the deeper understanding of the meaning of a story of light.



The light in combination with sounds, colors sublimates into a multisensory experience, the senses are transported in an enthralling dance that drag us to a deeper level , more emotional, able to make us more aware of our feelings and our soul.