Christmas in Modica - closing ceremony of the project
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It was held on 12th of May 2012, in the council chamber of Palazzo San Domenico in Modica, the ceremony of delivery of the certificates for the project "Nel solco della tradizione", which has become the city's heritage.


A morning in memory of a Light Christmas Song, spent in the presence of school administrators, teachers, parents and pupils of the city schools, associations, parishes and volunteers. In the words of the mayor Antonello Buscema: "Last Christmas, the children light song has illuminated our community. He helped us in Modica to see, to see each other, to discover us unified, connected to our identity, confident towards the future.”


Focused on the educational training and the emotions of this fantastic journey through the tale of interpretation and imagination of children , we find Marcella Fragapane ,the “soul” of these initiatives along with Filippo Cannata, who once again pointed out how light can give space and dimension to the identity of a territory; just think of the brightly lit lanterns made on the drawings of children who have given birth to the streets and alleys of the city during Christmas Holydays.


Much significant were the words contained in a letter in the form of a fairy tale that a mother wanted to donate to the presents, flooding the assembly room of deep and genuine emotion:



"Today I would also like to tell you a fairy tale ... Once upon a time ... a young little family consisting of a mom, a dad and three beautiful children who, in search of a place where to put down roots, after a long journey, arrived to Modica. The young father fell in love with the campaign embroidered with carob and olive trees... to the mother the city resembled to a crib and then the light, the smells, the tastes... they were both certain to have found the right place to raise their children! So day after day, their new life started...

Soon they realized that something was missing in this delightful picture ... they had the feeling that the city thought about tourists, chocolate, culture. But what about its children? They could not see a commitment, a thought, a community project that was directed to the children. Why? Was it because the children could not vote yet? Sometimes culture spoke a language too difficult for them ... they could eat chocolate, but could not write important articles on major newspapers.

Until one day in Modica a cheerful and colorful hot air balloon came with its inseparable shadow, from which a disruptive, curly lady descended with two blue laughing and very lively eyes! Now, this volcanic blue-eyed lady had a very contagious disease: she loved to tell stories and tell after tell ... the number of children spell bounded listening to the magic of fairy tales was growing more and more. She would not infect only children ... but teachers, parents, associations and churches too. Eventually, one day a man dressed in black came along to bring the light to the children in Modica…

Would you imagine a curly volcano with blue eyes inviting everyone to tell fairy tales? And have you ever seen a man dressed in black infecting everyone with light? Can you hear the voices of a thousand children singing a song of light? Can you imagine an entire city building lanterns?

And how would you feel discovering that your neighbor and the unsuspected teacher of your children are actually ogresses? For the first time I listened to a symphony of bell towers, for the first time I saw a sea of pirates, a crocodile and a wolf on the streets of Modica, I, that I've always thought there was only one Tom Thumb!

But what has become of our young little family after their arrival in Modica? Well, I can tell you that along with other families, owls and teachers, principals and Pinocchio and the whole city, they are experiencing a fantastic “vertical" journey, as between a path in the woods and a meeting with princes and princesses it could happen that you learn to travel vertically! "



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