The Civitas Award gives the Light to the Temple of Serapis
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premio-civitasIt was held yesterday, 30th September 2015, at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, the presentation of the prestigious Premio Civitas. This year, for its 19th edition, it gives the city of Pozzuoli the lighting of the Temple of Serapis entrusting the project to Filippo Cannata.


New methodologies, innovative and sustainable technologies will characterize the intervention, which aims to offer a night landscape of the ancient Macellum able to enhance the beauty and suggestive charge of the place.


A new story to "write" with light, with the emotion that becomes the leitmotif of a journey back in time, to discover our glorious past. And a unique opportunity to enhance our artistic heritage, promote our history and culture by creating strong traffic generator, contributing to the cultural and economic development of our country.