Led it Be. Urban Promo 2014
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urban-promo-2014As part of the Urban Promo 2014, the national event of reference for the city marketing and urban regeneration, will be held today, 12th November at 16:30, the conference "Led it Be: more efficient, more ecological, more economical. The led revolution in public lighting. "


LED technology, which has revolutionized the world of lighting, conquers Milan and Brescia. In the wake of cities such as Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo, Milan will renew, by August 2015, its lighting systems by replacing more than 140 thousand lighting points in the municipal area and becoming the first Italian city fully LED lit. Brescia will follow its example.


Filippo Cannata will take part to the conference with a talk on the poetic and emotional quality of light. Because technology and innovation at the service of '"man" and his well-being, can not be limited to responding to specific logic of performance and functionality. Because the light is functionality, but also art and aesthetics, efficiency but also beauty and charm. Light is technology, but it is above all emotion.