The Villa Méditerranée - In Marseille the sea is bathed in light.
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villa-mediterraneeA mass suspended in the void, the eternal dream of modernism designed by Stefano Boeri.


A flexible structure to accommodate and encourage a range of activities to be defined: forum for representatives of the Assembly, exhibition space, convention complex, theater of cultural events. But also a bridge to the city of Marseille, and, above all, a place to meet, versatile and interactive, a "Center for dialogue and exchanges in the Mediterranean", which invites reflection on the crossed destiny that unites the peoples of the sea.


The project is part of the initiatives to celebrate Marseille European Capital of Culture 2013. It consists of a volume of about 8,800 square meters with a facade characterized by a rush of 36 mt, a trampoline that seems to go beyond the dam, and a uniform leather, consisting of large concrete panels alternating with linear but irregular openings that offer targeted views the city and the sea. The lighting design project started from here.


In line with the intentions of the architect light enhances the essential elements of the structure. The building looks like a lighted huge glass block reflected in the water that surrounds and pervades it, characterized by a light able to reproduce the colors and shades of the Mediterranean. The evocative and expressive power of the light is combined, in this project, with the power of the sound. Through a new experience, a kind of exploration of light and sound, man goes back in his inner space, retracing the paths that the frenzy of modern life has made him overlook. Ancestral sounds, colors and smells accompany the visitor through an "incredible journey" within his own emotions, this backward path must be interpreted both as a technological research and as emotional experimentation.