Filippo Cannata to the new edition of Villa Pennisi in Music
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Villa Pennisi in Musica 2013

Even this year Filippo Cannata will take part in the Summer School "Villa Pennisi in Music" event that addresses all aspects related to the training of live performing professionals.


The event, to be held in Acireale from 1 to 12 August 2013, in the historic property which was destination in the years of famous characters such as the King and Queen of Italy and Richard Wagner, aims to create a platform for cultural meeting in the places of the Villa that with its halls, its wonderful garden and the church of the Crucifix, small seventeenth-century chapel in use to the property, offers a range of unique locations. 


In the architectural workshop centered on the stage design, Filippo Cannata will address the relationship between light, color and music highlighting how multiple associations of perceptions (Friedrich said "the simultaneous onslaught of art to all perceptive channels of man") amplify the aesthetic and emotional experience of the observer.


An event full of culture, music, architecture, sustainability. An event not to be missed. Stay tuned!