Energy saving and home comfort: domotics
Sostenibilità - Sostenibilità


In the field of green design, home automation, the final frontier of technological innovation at the service of intelligent life, makes an important and tangible contribution not only in the ability to create, within the home, flexible environments to suit the various needs of the person or persons who live in it, but also the opportunity to generate new forms of human-environment interaction by improving the quality of life in the deepest sense of the term. This expression coined ad hoc, that combines the old with the new, the Latin word to indicate the home and the most advanced technologies for its control, refers, in fact, to an interdisciplinary science which deals with the integration of all electrical and electronic devices (such as household appliances), or communication, control and surveillance systems inside a home in order to obtain a single system that can handle all functions dedicated so bringing together a series of independent transactions in a single gesture. Home automation, the last act of a "history of the house" that can never be considered complete, combines project and cultural opportunities which were believed irreconcilable to this day (as the bio-architecture and High Tech), in a new and current synthesis, the eco-friendly and intelligent home. This is not science fiction. But a choice that is quite possible, even desirable.


The bottom line is the maximum results with minimum effort: simply by pressing a button or touching the screen of a touch pad you can raise or lower a roller shutter, turn the heat on, turn on a tele-assistance service without moving from your chair. In the case of lighting, more specifically, the central control system allows, for example, to set lighting scenes and atmospheres suitable for different occasions and habits of the house (relax, watching a movie, romantic dinner or party with guests), manage independently or automatically the lights system with their switching on and off depending on the presence or absence of users, coordinate lighting with other devices in the home. Do we decide to watch a movie in our living room? The lights become soft, and the audio system is configured on the most suitable mode without moving from the couch. Are we leaving the house? The lights fades out, the blinds are lowered, the air conditioning system goes to the base level and the anti-intrusion system is activated. It is not just for comfort sake. A lighting system of this type, and more generally a home automation system, first of all allows you to save energy. Think of lights that go off when we leave a room, appliances that switch on when there is solar energy converted from solar panels, a control system that signals any leak from the taps or any kind of failures, a heating / air conditioning system that is activated by moisture, temperature or the number of people. A home automation system consents to reduce costs on the price of bills up to a threshold of 20%, that's how you can save with an automatic climate control system (provided that the materials used for the construction are able to ensure a sufficient thermal insulation) and a lighting control plant, let us consider that the only automation of the lighting system guarantees a reduction of 5% on the bills cost. All this sophisticated technology and cost-effective results converts in a simple and intuitive interface panel, located on a wall like a sleek control panel: the home owner will only have to worry about selecting the most suitable context and the system put it into practice. So at the touch of a button you can enjoy, for instance, the beautiful scenery that light can generate, lighting scenes appropriate to the activities that are taking place, evocative and emotional atmospheres which make more pleasant your stay in this or that room. The lighting bodies in the various environments, coordinated by lighting designer as instruments of an orchestra, will emit their light merging into a harmonious balance in which, according to the events and circumstances, this or that voice will be called to emerge and play the leading role, the result will always be a bright melody which aims to touch the deepest strings of the soul. No longer, a simple switch that turns on the chandelier in the center of the ceiling and illuminates a dark room, but a button that initiates a motif pleasant to the eyes and senses, enhances and reveals a microcosm of habits and values, marks the passage of life, injects a feeling of profound well-being and contentment. The control and management of light, to which is reserved a separate branch of home automation, contributes to improve decisively the comforts condition of the home. The ease of use of a home automation system makes it more suitable for various types of users, including the elderly and disabled, with a consequent and significant advantage in terms of safety. Unfortunately, a certain type of communication and advertising has come to consider home automation as a "gadget fashion", a luxury for rich people, or a special effect with spectacular and amazing action, but it can offer concrete and useful solutions suitable for all kinds of homes, and respond to the different needs and requirements of people, especially to the specific issues of those living in special situations. When you talk about home automation you talk about home, and when you talk about home you refer to a man-made space, i.e. a relationship, an intimate and unbreakable bond that connects the man to the environment more important for him, the place of the private and the affections, the place of his story as a child, and adult, an elderly. You cannot talk about home without taking into account all aspects of living.


In this sense, home automation, understood as "set of services" (rather than objects) for the benefit of these aspects in their totality, represents the future. A future to promote, support, encourage, in order to eliminate the distrust, scepticism, and encourage the verification of the reality and reliability of this solution. Then it will be convincing and will be met with force. When technology meets the needs, the progress becomes unstoppable.